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Making Dreams Come True

Hi, I'm Katy, a busy mum of 2 beautiful boys and a wife to a very helpful, patient and understanding husband.

Some of my favourite things to do with my family & friends are celebrating special events, camping, picnics & going on outdoor adventures. I have worked in the hospitality industry for over 15yrs and I love it but I wanted to do something that was a little bit more flexible that worked with my family.

By combining my love of the outdoors with my hospitality experience, I create stress free events for others.


Glamping = Glamorous Camping

we like to bring some home comforts into nature or bringing a hotel room to the outdoors, however you would like to look at it.  Just because we are outside doesn't mean we can't bring some Glam!!!!

  I love my Bell Tents. They are so unique & beautiful.  They can be an understated detail of an event or the main attraction.  I love working with my clients to make their dreams come true.


are very ordinary. Right? Wrong!!, First of all, picnics should never equal plastic!! The more picnics I experience, the more I realise that we can do so much better than plastic, I'm sure you all agree!! Wine tastes better out of a glass, food tastes better off a plate and real knifes and forks instead of plastic ones, don't get me started. We make sure that all of our setups are supplied with no plastic products where possible. Also on the plus side, it is so much better for the environment & you don't have to worry about the washing up - I'll do it for you!!

So if you would like your next adventure / event to have that extra Wow Factor and make it an unforgettable experience, contact us so we can make your dreams come true.

Katy McLachlan


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